September 2014 Top UI/UX news stories from AltiaInteresting and noteworthy developments in the world of UX/UI brought to you by Altia.

Apple’s continued collection of tech patents
The biggest news for Apple fans this September was the release of the iPhone 6 and preview of the Apple Watch, but other impressive developments were occurring outside the limelight. Apple’s aggressive pursuit of patents continued, and the tech giant was granted U.S. Patent No. 8,839,150 for “Graphical objects that respond to touch or motion input”. So, what does that mean exactly?

Mikey Campbell tells us more in his recent article for AppleInsider, Apple’s patented physics-based iPad GUI translates file size into mass, supports intuitive gestures

Twitter strives for increased accessibility

Twitter’s UI has undergone a number of overhauls throughout the years, but many new users remain unsure of how to properly interact with the platform. The confusion is leading investors to question the long-term viability of the social media giant, and share prices are becoming increasingly volatile. In response, Twitter is putting fresh eyes on their evolving UI.

Sarah Frier and Brad Stone examine the efforts in their original article for Bloomberg Businessweek: Operation Twitter: User Interface Changes in the Works

Altia Taps Cadlog to Distribute GUI Development Toolkits in Italy and Spain

Altia Incorporated announced the signing of Cadlog Srl as a distributor this September, offering expanded GUI development and design solutions to a wider European audience.

“Europe is the home to some of the best design in the world, particularly in Italy and Spain,” states Mike Juran, Altia CEO. “That fact is becoming increasingly present in their product design – from automotive to home appliance. We’re seeing this innovation not just from global household names, but also from smaller companies and products. We’re looking forward to partnering with Cadlog to deliver Altia’s tools to GUI trailblazers across their region so that they can get the best embedded display into production.”

Read the Altia Press Release at to learn more.