Will Restaurant Diners Find Touchscreen Service Appetizing?

At some restaurants, the days of waiting impatiently for a server to take your order or bring your bill are over. The introduction of touchscreen service has a range of benefits, both for the customer and the restaurants that are making the move into high-tech service. These graphical user interfaces come in a variety of styles and sizes designed to enhance dining experiences.Will Restaurant Diners Find Touchscreen Service Appetizing

Benefits for Diners

Businesses can choose to present their diners with touchscreen GUIs in a range of sizes, from full-size e-table models that are essentially entire touchscreen table tops, to smaller, mobile screens and bar-top or table-side small screens.

E-tables provide an engaging dining experience for customers, allowing them to browse the menu and place their orders at their leisure. Additionally, some models feature “Chef Cams” that allow diners to watch the kitchen prepare their meals. Some offer internet connectivity that enables users to browse the web, check email, or update their social media accounts. Networked models allow diners to send e-cards to other tables, as well as share photos. For an extra novelty factor, diners can choose their own virtual tablecloths.

Other features include the ability to order a taxi home and discover nearby attractions or points of interest. Touchscreen service enables a more private dining experience, without conversation being interrupted for ordering meals or beverages. Customers also get faster service and enjoy the feeling of control.

Benefits for Businesses

Businesses experience an extensive range of benefits from installing touchscreen service in their establishments. Because of the faster service, businesses can increase the number of guests they serve during a service, as tables order and settle their bills faster, without having to wait for a server.

The ingenuity factor draws in high numbers of new customers and, if the food impresses as well as the novelty of a touchscreen graphical user interface at the table, those new customers will quickly become repeat customers, and they’ll help with word-of-mouth marketing by telling their friends and family.

Because ordering is so simple, customers tend to order more, particularly as they can order additional items throughout their visit. With a vibrant touchscreen GUI, businesses can add detailed, enticing descriptions to the menu, as well as high quality images to whet diners’ appetites.

With guests placing their orders and requesting their bills themselves, businesses can increase their profits further by reducing the number of servers required for each service. The simplicity of the system also pleases servers, which helps to improve their productivity. With so much freedom, establishments can also sell or lease advertising space to other local businesses to maximize their revenue.

Coming to a restaurant near you

With such wide-ranging benefits for businesses and consumers, it makes sense to get ahead of the pack by adding touchscreen service to your restaurant. With high quality touchscreen GUIs, such as those created with Altia’s user interface development tools, and scrumptious food, you have a winning combination.

Reducing overheads, maximizing profits, and getting more customers through the door is the ideal situation for any dining establishment, and the introduction of e-tables or mobile touchscreen graphical user interfaces can help restaurateurs achieve those goals