Altia Design 11.1, the centerpiece of Altia’s GUI development tool chain, is available today! Get better GUIs — faster — with this new release.

What’s new to Altia Design 11.1?

  • 3D Scene Object – Manage importing and viewing 3D mesh files and animations from 3D authoring tools like Maya and 3DS Max.
  • Design Validator – Perform real-time validation of your user interface design against design rules for your selected embedded target.
  • Multi-Plot Object – This is a new Altia object targeted at advanced applications where complex plotting, strip-charting and data logging are needed.
  • Debugger – Look under the hood while your design executes within Altia Design to review and trap animation activity.

 …and much more.

Check out this five-minute video tour of some of the new features.

Want to learn more about Altia Design 11.1? Visit our new release page or email us at [email protected].