PhotoProto 2.1 Released!

by Cheryl Falk

  • Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 (which is actually version 11.0), or later
  • Altia® PhotoProto®
  • PC or Mac capable of running Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 or later
  • Mac running OSX 10.6.3 Snow Leopard or greater
  • PhotoProto for the Mac also requires X11, included with the PhotoProto installation package, to be installed in order to run prototype designs

Among the enhancements are:

  • Incident #81: Build prototype error dialog “Please specify destination” will cause user misunderstanding. Changed to “Please save your Photoshop file before executing Altia PhotoProto – Build Prototype”.
  • Incident #1036: Remove “ px”, “ pt”, or “ mm” from font size after Adobe Photoshop began including that with the font size reporting of text layers. This caused malformed font strings in the PhotoProto XML, but was fixed by removing the unit text.
  • Incident #1321: Fixed issue where users with fast machines may occasionally see “”Unable to open design file: file created with unlicensed product. Unable to load.” after running PhotoProto, which was a simple timing/order of operations issue.
  • Incident #1680: Added logic to only add a parent-level Group object to an Image object if the object PhotoProto is constructing has custom animations defined on it (like a knob or slider). Otherwise, the top-level Group has been removed to optimize the number of objects PhotoProto creates.
  • Added logic to use the name of the Photoshop layer as the Object Description property on all Image objects.
  • Changed the Button object’s Object Description Property from “Altia Screen Deck” to “Altia PhotoProto Button”, and removed superfluous properties/stimulus.
  • Corrected a Photoshop error with try/catch logic to prevent PhotoProto from crashing if the user ever created a Text object without having defined a color on the Text layer.
  • Removed legacy/deprecated 3D object creation feature.
  • Corrected an issue where the Control code block would duplicate the last built object’s ID when it was built by the script.
  • Added a heartbeat timer to DAO-based objects (video/webcam) to refresh the viewing pane on latest version of iOS.
  • Added new “Silent Mode” feature and a Photoshop Action to run PhotoProto in “Silent Mode” – great for Batch output of multiple psd files using Photoshop’s “Automate…” feature.
  • Added cleandeck object to create a simpler Deck object with no additional animation/stimulus/control (great for image sequence decks)


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