In his new article on, Steve Tengler shares still another batch of user experience lessons from Hollywood. First he called out usability gems via the works of Tom Cruise. Then he connected fundamental Human Factors Engineering principals to the colorful characters played by Johnny Depp.

Today, Steve invites Oscar-winning actor, Tom Hanks, to User Experience 101 with his article, “Five User Experience Lessons from Tom Hanks“.

Here’s a preview…

  1. Lesson #1 from The Green Mile:  Task Completion Doesn’t Automatically Equate Success
  2. Lesson #2 from Cast Away:  Fictional Personas Can Bring Sanity to a Project
  3. Lesson #3 from Bosom Buddies:  Re-skinning Can Allow Financially-Adventageous Reuse
  4. Lesson #4 from The Da Vinci Code:  Complicated Interfaces Have Purposes, Too
  5. Lesson #5 from Forrest Gump:  Exceeding User Goals Makes You Memorable

Ready to read more? Read the full article here – and enjoy!