Scalability for the STM32 Family of Products

Altia empowers GUI teams to design one beautiful, intuitive graphical user interface—and then deploy that GUI again and again.

One GUI Model, Multiple GUI Projects

Because Altia supports hardware ranging from high end SoCs down to low power MCUs, GUI development teams can leverage the same Altia GUI model across various product families, price points and screen sizes.

See Altia in Action on STM32H7 and MP1

How Altia’s scalable solution works:

  • Start with full-featured interface and modify it to port to right-priced hardware platforms and different display sizes
  • Get to hardware quickly to verify performance and test on production-intent hardware
  • Compare side-by-side performance with Altia’s plug-in code generators
  • Reuse your GUI across your brands and families of products
  • Save time and development cost by leveraging GUI model across multiple programs
  • Port your GUI to lower cost or more readily available hardware at any time during the life of your product
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Altia and STMicroelectronics—A Proven Pairing

Altia is proud to provide GUI design and code generation solutions for a variety of STMicroelectronics hardware. Altia offers a scalable solution that supports a variety of STMicroelectronics products, including STM32F4, STM32L4, STM32F7, STM32H7, STM32MP1 and Accordo5.

Want to see Altia in action on STMicroelectronics for yourself?

Download our health monitor demo for your STM32H7 board.

Download our heath monitor demo for your STM32MP1 board.

Request a demo with our multi-industry GUI on STM32F429.

Get Started with Altia

Altia provides the software, services and expertise to get your next embedded user interface into production. Click here to discover the best plan to support your project goals.

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