Experience Altia on Renesas R-Car H3​

Altia is proud to partner with Renesas in delivering production-grade HMI code for the R-Car family of products

The Altia tool chain includes Altia Design, a WYSIWYG HMI editor, and Altia DeepScreen, a graphics code generator. Beyond R-Car D/E/M/H, Altia provides code generation support for Renesas products including Synergy S5/S7, RH850/D1L, RH850/D1M, DR4-3D, Dx4-H, RX600, SH7268/9 and RZ/A.

Altia offers powerful capabilities like advanced 3D design flow, global language support and a full-service Professional Engineering Services Team to support all of your HMI development project needs.

Just complete the form to download and execute this demo on your R-Car H3 board.

Demo Image Specifications:
  • Rendering: OpenGL ES 2.0 3D
  • Display: TFT LCD
  • Download size: 185 MB
*Please be sure to have Renesas User’s Manual (Linux Interface Yocto Recipe Start-Up Guide) available to configure the device boot into Yocto Linux, which is provided by Renesas.

Thank you for requesting our Altia demo for Renesas R-Car H3.

Here are the files you need…

Quickstart Guide

Demo Executable

With Altia, you can…

  • Develop and deploy custom GUIs without hand-coding
  • Integrate assets from all popular design tools – including any 3D tool
  • Streamlined workflow for efficient team collaboration
  • Create functional prototype at any stage for UX testing
  • Generate code at any point in development to test performance
  • Optimized graphics code to leverage all on-chip resources
  • Quality initiatives for ASPICE, MISRA and ISO 26262
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