Altia Code Generation Solutions for Renesas R-Car E3e

Altia is proud to partner with Renesas in delivering production-grade HMI code for the Renesas R-Car E3e.

The Altia tool chain includes Altia Design, a WYSIWYG HMI editor, and Altia DeepScreen, a graphics code generator used by companies all over the world to design and deploy production embedded displays. Working with Altia, HMI designers gain the benefits of a time-saving workflow, powerful 3D capabilities, global language support and much more.

Altia offers a scalable solution that supports a variety of Renesas products, including R-Car D/E/M/H (all generations), Synergy S5/S7, D1Lx, D1Mx, DR4-3D, Dx4-H, RX600, SH7268/9, RZ/A and RZ/G2.

Altia’s optimized code generation solutions are architected to leverage the unique feature set of your selected hardware to deliver the best performance and lowest possible memory footprint.

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Demo Specifications:
  • Cluster and HUD (2D) OS: FreeRTOS
  • Cluster (3D) OS: Linux
  • 2D Render Pipeline: RGL
  • 3D Render Pipeline: OpenGL ES 2.0

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With Altia, you can…

  • Develop and deploy custom HMIs without hand-coding
  • Integrate assets from all popular design tools – including any 3D tool
  • Collaborate efficiently with a state-of-the-art, streamlined workflow
  • Create functional prototype at any stage for UX testing
  • Generate code at any point in development to test performance
  • Get best performance with optimized graphics code using all on-chip resources
  • Benefit from quality initiatives for ASPICE, MISRA and ISO 26262
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