Altia is a product member of the STMicroelectronics Partner Program! At Embedded World 2023, Jeff Urkevich, our very own Director of Product Marketing, had a chance to talk to our partners at STMicroelectronics about Altia’s GUI solutions for the STM32 Series of processors.

Check out Jeff’s conversation at Embedded World here:

Altia is the best solution for designing, developing and deploying embedded graphics for the STM32 Series of processors, because Altia allows device developers to:

  • Start with a full-featured interface and modify it to port to any hardware platform and display
  • Get to ST hardware quickly to verify performance and test on production-intent hardware
  • Compare side-by-side performance with Altia’s plug-in code generators
  • Reuse GUIs across families of ST products
  • Save time and development cost by leveraging a GUI model across multiple programs
  • Port GUIs to lower cost or more readily available ST hardware at any time during the life of a product

For more information about Altia’s scalable GUI solutions for the STM32 Series, visit our product page.