The Colorado Springs Business Journal recently featured a great article about Altia.

The author covers the early days of Altia, how a few Hewlett-Packard engineers saw a need for a tool to prototype controls for test and measurement equipment and spun off to start their own company. She also mentions how Apple transformed the device market with the iPhone — and how Altia responded with a solution for embeddable graphics, which is currently in production in millions of cars, home appliances, medical devices and more.

We loved the author’s summary of our mission. “The company also aims to merge art and engineering.” Jason Williamson, our VP of Marketing, expands on her summary here. “You’ve probably seen a lot of interfaces that have been designed by engineers,” Williamson said. “And you can probably tell, right? … We don’t want it to just run solid. It’s got to look great and run fast.”

Altia’s headquarters is nestled in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Mike Juran, our CEO, is a member of the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC board. Mike — and the rest of us — hope Altia will play a major role in the continuing effort to create a vibrant downtown community and a home for innovative businesses.

Read the article, “Altia melds art, technology in user interfaces”, here.