As you make your way to the North Plaza of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES, be sure to stop by to see Renesas Electronics America in Booth 18.

Renesas will showcase their powerful semiconductor solutions at CES — including new R-Car platforms running Altia!

Altia offers scalability for R-Car customers by offering code generation support for R-Car D3, R-Car M3 and R-Car H3. Renesas will have a couple of Altia HMIs available running on the R-Car D3 — including this innovative 3D cluster with jet engine gauges. This HMI includes a single full-screen Altia 3D scene (1920×720 pixels) with 65K triangles and two light sources. The cluster is running on R-Car D3 with Yocto Linux and uses OpenGL ES 2.0.


Renesas will also be showcasing a never-before-seen cluster and center stack running on a single R-Car H3! The cluster is loaded with 3D content, including dynamic gauges, ADAS content and an animated vehicle. The center stack – also loaded with graphics – has Altia running as the primary demo controller in a fail-safe mode, managing back-up camera, overall demo mode and pass-through of infotainment data provided by Android. This technical integration leverages Altia’s Layer Manager to work across both Green Hills INTEGRITY and Android. Check back to the Altia blog after CES to see the Altia demo for R-Car H3!

Want to meet our team at CES? Email us and let us know! Happy CES to all!