Check out this new blog post that Altia’s own VP of Marketing, Jason Williamson, wrote for Embedded Computing Design.

I was talking to a engineering manager the other day and, though I wasn’t sure why, we just weren’t seeing eye to eye. I was telling him that he really needs to invest more to get the GUI he was describing onto the low-end processor he wanted to use for an infusion product. By invest more, I mean more than he would if he were using a near-PC level piece of hardware. “But I want to spend less. That’s why I’m going with this cheaper part!”

Jason continues…

“This was an “a-ha” moment for me. There’s hardware cost, and then there’s project cost.”

It is expensive to develop GUIs for cheap hardware. Learn why this is so and learn where companies see the payoff — read Jason’s post on Embedded Computing Design.