“No one is immune to good looks. And in today’s Apple and Samsung-driven aesthetic culture it’s not enough that your [medical] device works, it has to look good while doing it.”

But a medical device GUI and a mobile app are not the same. High-reliability devices must meet stricter standards for certification and usability than any mobile app — so teams must approach a medical GUI with a laser focus on the user, use cases, and stability and must be equipped with the right tools to develop, test, deploy and certify their display.

Recently Mike Juran, Altia’s CEO, sat down with Chris Wiltz of Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (or MD+DI) to discuss medical device software development and the challenges that companies face to get a smart phone-style GUI into production. He outlined four common mistakes that companies make when deploying medical GUIs and offered his advice about how to avoid and overcome them.

Click here to read the interview, “4 Reasons Your Device’s GUI Won’t Cut It” on MD+DI.