Jason Williamson recently wrote a great article for Embedded Insights about dogfooding.

No, Jason has not come up with a new and unappetizing diet plan! Wikipedia defines dogfooding, or eating your own dog food as “when a company uses the products that it makes. Dogfooding can be a way for a company to demonstrate confidence in its own products, and hence a kind of testimonial advertising.”

“I encourage you to have a hearty helping of your own dog food. Not only do you serve up a result that will please your customer, but you learn by experience where you can make your software stronger and more capable. By developing with current releases, by keeping new features tested and ready to go, and by taking appropriate measures to architect the project, you make the eating of your own dog food a gourmet experience — and keep your customers coming back for seconds.”

For more about dogfooding, read “Eating dog food? It’s all in the preparation.