Production-grade GUI code for the Infineon PSoC™

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The Altia tool chain includes Altia Design, a WYSIWYG GUI editor, and Altia DeepScreen, a graphics code generator used by companies all over the world to design and deploy production embedded displays. Companies designing and deploying applications for Internet of Things applications like wearables, smart home, industrial IoT, portable medical devices, etc. for Infineon PSOC™ 6 MCU will benefit from Altia’s time-saving workflow, optimized graphics code and production-proven embedded GUI expertise. Altia’s optimized code generation solutions are architected to leverage the unique feature set of your selected hardware to deliver the best performance and lowest possible memory footprint.

Multi-Industry GUI Demo Specifications:

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  • Board Required: PSoC™ 6 EVB
  • Operating System: No OS
  • Display: TFT Display Shield Board CY8CKIT-028-TFT with 240×320 resolution
  • Rendering: Software Render
  • Download Size: 2.5 MB

Smart Home GUI Demo Specifications:

  • Board Required: PSoC™ 6 Smart Home Solution Demo board
  • Operating System: No OS
  • Display: 4.8” TFT with Touch and 480×272 resolution
  • Rendering: Software Render
  • Download Size: 8.2 MB

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