Introducing Altia CloudWare™—Run on Real Hardware, Right Now

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Join us for this exclusive preview of a new Altia product that makes it happen. In this presentation, Jeff Urkevich, Altia Director of Product Marketing, will demonstrate the speed and efficiency of Altia’s innovative CloudWare™ platform, which:

  • Gets your GUI product to market faster by bypassing barriers caused by chip shortages, configuration and compiler challenges, globally dispersed teams and expensive hardware
  • Enables GUI development teams to get projects started quickly by accessing physical hardware in the Cloud in just minutes
  • Real time collaboration between designers, developers and testers—all on the same hardware-software stack
  • Try boards before you buy them saving money and time

Be among the first to experience Altia CloudWare™ in action with this presentation—and learn more about Altia’s commitment to making your pixels-to-production journey easier, faster and more successful than ever before.



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